Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Google APIs to speed up web development

Before explaining about the title 'Google APIs' ,let me talk about the present situation.Before Google APIs, if someone wants to develop web site with a jazzy UI which includes charts or maps he should have to code a lot to get the charts and maps displayed.Or he have to contact any custom control vendor to meet his requirements.Thats a costly process(in case of vendor) as well as time consuming(if we develope ourself).

There are so many sites which have all these look and feels with them.But they use it for themselves and make money from that.They dont share the libraries..

But now Google has introduced APIs which helps any web devloper to access google's bundle of APIs from their own sites.APIs are nothing but some sort of ways to access precoded softwares.APIs normally exists in the form of methods.

This is the home of google APIs where you can interact with a lot of google services(eg:maps) as well as some other services (eg:Chart)

There are so many services from google .

  • Google maps API which interact with maps
  • Transalation API : which allows to translate from one language to another.
See one sample which uses Google's API for language translation .Please type source text in English because that is more supported in translation pairs.If you didnt get what are translation pairs please wait for some time. I will be publishing a post which is dedicated to translation.

Last but not least thanks to Google for providing such services and sharing findings with us.