Monday, May 18, 2009

Wolframalpha A Scientific search engine

More like a knowledge engine which analyze the search query and gives results according to that.

It gives you result differently.You can even save the results in a pdf file too.
Very useful for students in their research.Try the search "India and china"in Wolframalpha as well as Google and feel the difference.
Google just gives the links which are related to the words based on page rank where Wolframe gives compiled details about the search query.
The compiled result includes graphs to demonstrate the data in an understandable form.Try the bmi calculation by just giving the bmi keyword along with and your weight and height in any unit as follows
"bmi 180cm 80kg"

More examples here.
But if you are searching for the "Java" programming language by keyword Java,it will identify that as Java Island and give you the information about that Island.Hope they will add more intelligence to the search in future...

Since this uses some processing to identify the exact search query ,it won't give results if you give query in unicode Malayalam.

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