Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hard disk partitioning in Win 7

My requirement was very simple which I used to get very easily using Partition Magic in Win 98 and XP.But now it is Windows 7 which contains a bunch of tools to help us to get rid of third parties.

Coming to my requirement.I have a 80GB HDD in my desktop where I had partitioned 10GB –C:,10GB-d:,10GB-E: and remaining in F: drive. C: for windows ,d: for program installation , e: for learning materials and my projects and finally F: for entertainment.This worked well with previous Win98 and XP.But when I came into Win7 the windows installation itself took around 9GB in c: hence the system started crying after few days.So decided to free up some space in f: by deleting some movies and and give that space to c:.

Simple.Isn’t it.I started with the Disk Management tool in Win 7 but soon realized that my requirement will not be served using that tool.The tool is nice .We can create ,delete and shrink partitions.But can’t move a partition.In other words we can’t do without data loss.We can increase size of the drive if there is vacant space nearby.

As usual started googling and saw some tools are not up to date with Win 7 and some are again paid.After spending some more time I got the below tool which is free and allows me to move data as well as manage partitions.

I would say this is Win 7 disk management + partition mover.

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