Thursday, October 27, 2011

iPhone & iPad from windows user perspective

Today I happened to play extensively with apple's 'i' products such as iPad & iPhone.It is related to one of our project where I am responsible for it's server side architecture using WCF and Azure.I am from windows background with experience in almost all the versions from Win95 to Win7.

End User perspective
  • UI - Superb.
    • It's great idea controlling everything using one button.
    • Great touch interface.
    • There are Mute and Volume buttons but no next/previous buttons.
    • Not able to see any file manager.
  • Performance & Stability - Very good.
    • Not able to hang iPhone with normal operations.
    • But hung when a downloaded third party came into play. But could see that it changes to safe mode and restarts very quickly.
    • Really fast even if there are 15-20 apps open
    • Only one app runs at a time. Minimized apps are in dead state .Hence its fast.Don't know how background processing apps are going to work.
  • Hardware
    • Rock solid and wonder how they pack all the things inside a small box.
    • Can't find any screws. How this is going to be repaired in case of any trouble? Is Apple that much confident on their product or want the device to be repaired by their own people?
  • Applications
    • Plenty of apps.Even free apps.
    • Can only install from Apple store
    • Only registered users can download.I was using iPad which my company owns.It took sometime for me to get credential to download a new app.
    • If I have access to Indian Apple store I cannot get the apps which are available in US store.
    • We should be vigilant in each and every click to protect our money. But no fraud.
  • Connectivity
    • i device can connect with only another i device through bluetooth. Better they should remove the Bluetooth feature from it
    • Need iTunes to copy music to the i device - Unwanted bound between a software and device.
    • Able to connect through Wi-Fi .Good that there is no i wi-fi router.Otherwise we would have to purchase that too
  • Security
    • Its like a black box.Nobody knows what is happening inside the machine. So difficult to hack.
    • When we type password anybody can stand behind or near us and can get our password.Really sad to say that the typed letter is converting into dot(.) very slowly.
Developer perspective
  • Language
    • Need to learn Objective-C to write anything.
  • API
    • Apple provides good APIs.
    • Cannot find an API to host background process where Apple does for its apps
  • Development & Testing
    • Need to have account to test the App
  • Hosting
    • Need to have account to distribute the app.
    • Validation took time.
    • Account is categorized to regions
Overall it looks like a closed place where we have no control on what how things are going on inside except trusting Apple as a company where once Steve Job's himself was out.