Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Downloading .jar & .jad files from getjar.com into computer

Last week I was into a conversation about advanced mobiles ie smart phones and usage of applications made for those devices such as iPhone apps, Andriod market and Windows Phone 7. Different people had different phones and when we started downloading apps, we could see equivalent apps for all the phones. The main attractive applications ideas were the metal detector, leveling ball to check whether the surface is in level and the protractor to measure angle. All of them works based on the sensors inside the phones such as digital compass, accelerometer, gyroscope etc...Some people using smart phones for years came to know that their phone has these many capabilities after that conversation. At the end people were making fun by saying about replacement of traditional devices with smart phone.

But I was not able to install anything in my phone as I have an old Nokia 5300 which I am using for calling and smsing rarely browsing like the other smart phone owners do.Anyway that conversation made me to search for some apps which can be installed in my phone. Very soon the google ended up in getjar.com. I think you all knows about www.getjar.com for the availability of mobile applications. It is a good site actually but the issue which I faced was the absence of download application button into the PC. It was ok to download to mobile if we browse m.getjar.com from mobile browser. But due to some issues in the mobile net connection, I had no option other than to download to PC and copy to phone via USB.

The research didn't reached anywhere .(May be I am weak in searching for mobile apps) .Then I started exploring the net in other way and could see a good mobile browser emulator runs in Java. Its nothing but the opera mini. I navigated to that simulator and put the m.getjar.com there and was able to download the .jad file. Still I am missing the .jar file. After inspecting the download url I decided to try out replacing the .jad extension with .jar and it worked!!! .Yes we can download the .jad & .jar files form getjar.com into our desktop / laptop.

Follow the steps below.Its easy

How to get the mobile apps from getjar.com to our computer.
 - Open the opera mini browser simulator http://www.opera.com/developer/tools/mini/
 - Navigate to m.getjar.com it will not recognize the mobile device. Set the device properly
 - Navigate to your app & click on the download button.
 - The .jad file downloads .Then find out the URL of the .jad file downloaded.
 - Change the .jad file ext to .jar and paste the url in browser and download the .jar too.



Pablo said...

Thanks a lot! I will try this! Greetings from Argentina

Joy George said...

This is great. Some years back ,I didn't even think I can help an Argentinian :-)

Siddharth Jha said...

A big thanks to you!
I wanted this badly!
Works as a charm... Nice post in a simple language

e-Learning Technology said...

This does not work now. Since every time we tried to click the download button, it just download the getjar.apk which is priority file to be installed first before getting the exact .jar or .jad file.

Richard Wolf said...

Very useful post, I've thought on using the Opera Mini simulator, but couldn't figure out how to get the .jar. I wish this post were higher in Google results.

Shah Imran Sumon said...

really important tips. thx for sharing. it helped me download apps from m.getjar.com without using my mobile.

Ananya Pratinav said...
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Ananya Pratinav said...

How do I copy the URL of the .jad file downloaded?

Joy George said...

Hi Ananya ,

If you are using Chrome you can see the downloads page by pressing Ctrl+J or via menu button.

or try entering the URL chrome://downloads/ in Chrome browser to see the downloads. From the downloads page you can get the url to .jad file.

Most of the browsers no have a downloads page. the method to open the downloads page only differs.


qwerty khan said...

explain more easy steps they are many more things to do