Thursday, December 13, 2012

DYI Magnetic knife holder

I saw magnetic knife holder in one of the English movie which tells the story related to a restaurant and it's kitchen. From then onward I was searching for a good magnetic holder.Not able to find it in stores located at Kochi. Then searched in Indian online shopping sites.I was able to find some but really costly. After that when I got a chance to visit US, I searched the same. Its cheaper comparing with Indian sites. But still costly.

So automatically the search extend to DIY sites. Hope you know what is DIY. Do It Yourself where people share their experience with creating things themselves which costs almost nothing. Got some tutorials there to setup magnetic knife holder but those needs more effort.So decided to explore our kitchen for anything which will help to setup the magnetic holder easily.

Luckily I found our windows which is just made of iron rods. It made the things easy I had to collect some magnets and stick into that window. Sharing some photos. Hope it may help others.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

*#0*# in Samsung Galaxy to test LCD

This code is used to test the LCD screen of mobile devices. It can mainly perform testing of following functionalities
  • Test pixels and screen by turning all pixels to Red / Green / Blue or White
  • Test vibration
  • Test dimming of pixels
  • Test Camera
  • Test sensors such as accelerometer,proximity, magnetic etc…
  • Touch testing
  • Sleep mode
  • Speaker (By playing ringtone)
  • Test keys
I have tested it in my Galaxy Y. Hope this is available in all Galaxy mobiles and almost all Android mobiles.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My favorite online shopping sites in India

Most of the sites are offering products in all most all the categories. But below are my favorites for each category.

Important thing in online market is 'before confirming any deal check for discount coupons available for the sites'. Really you can save more.  Yesterday I got Rs500/- off on Rs1000 related to Dussehra from allschoolstuff
Getting coupons is simple.If you want to get coupons for eBay just google for eBay India coupons

There are some sites available to check the cheapest online price of products in single place. Use them if you don't have time to check all the shopping sites.

Seems the online shopping is really growing in India. Regardless the international giants enter into the Indian retail market or not, small retailers are going to face a tough competition from online. Hope I can add more sites based experience.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to find your processor architecture is x64 or IA64

Today we had a situation in office that a COM component for zip compression is not working in 64 bit server machines. It was working fine in desktop machines .Most of the desktops have 32 bit OS and some are 64bit. When we looked into the issue little deeper, we could see that there are different COM for different processors. In 32bit we need to register one com library file which is not same in 64bit machine. 64 bit file is suffixed with the '64' word. The 64 bit desktops are working fine then why the 64 bit servers are not working.

Little more google brought one more file for 64 bit machine which is nothing but the com lib file suffixed with IA64. Then the direction of work turned to find out the version of processor architecture of server machines. We opened the properties of 'Computer' from start menu,DxDiag etc...But no luck. Finally a google gives the name of the environmental variable "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%". Yes it works.


Executing the above command in command prompt gives us the processor architecture of current machine. Still confusing what is x64 and IA64 ? Just google to get links like this or read wikipedia articles.

If you are interested more on environmental variables see this link.

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Have you ever thought of having a short cut to open your Programs and Features tab (Add remove programs) in control panel to uninstall application?  If you have not found your own way just try appwiz.cpl in run window (below Vista) or in the Search Prorams an Files (Vista or after).

There are some more shortcuts like this for a list goto the below location and filter by .cpl files.
[Install drive]:\Windows\System32

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Getting best online price by Indian deal sites

Below are some sites which has information about deals in real shopping sites. These are just collectors only. 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Review

At last after months of research, I too became owner of a smart phone. May be for couple of months as it is for my Mom .She feels it too complex to operate Nokia 1100 which she is using now. So not sure how many months she will take to accept the Samsung Galaxy Y S5360.

Anyway I started exploring the features such as Compass ,GPS ,Accelerometer etc...Its worth for the money that spent for it as it has everything needed for the smart phone.I purchased it through @ INR 6950.It took 1 week to get the phone into my hands.Ordered on 13th and reached by 20th Feb 2012. I feel its much cheaper than any other shops here at Kochi. If the things are going in this way, I am sure that India will soon turn into online shopping at-least in case of electronics.

Below are my observations till now. May be I will add some more later.

  1. Android Applications
    Huge list of applications and we can find a free app for its paid equivalent. It includes regional language apps such as Malayalam bible which my mom is going to like a lot.
  2. 2 GB card
    No need to spent for memory card as it comes with 2GB card which is enough for an entry level smart phone user.
  3. Swype keypad
    You can type by drawing a line on the keyboard connecting the characters.
  4. There are other features such as GPS,WiFi,Sensors which almost all the smart phones have. Above are the items, I feel as pros.
  1. Battery backup
    Sad to say that if we use GPRS normally the charge will not last more than 1 day. I don't know why we need to buy this if we don't want to explore the smart features which requires internet. For calling and smsing we should have gone for Nokia 1100.
  2. Less sound
    Compared to my Nokia 5300.It is obvious.Nokia 5300 is music edition. Now I need to close the car door glasses to hear to the phone music which was not the case with 5300.
  3. Button Light
    There are 2 touch buttons which are at the bottom of the phone placed left and right to the physical button. They are easy to operate in light but at night if you are about to sleep with lights off and you want to send something to your secret lover, you will find it hard time to locate those buttons. The higher models of Galaxy have light on those buttons.
  4. No secondary camera
    If the phone has the secondary camera too,it would be the perfect phone. I thing manufacture made it knowingly as they don't want to break the "Nothing is perfect" law. Also the primary cam is of 2MP which is not useful as a camera. I think whatever camera you got in mobile that will not come as your normal camera which has optical zoom. So don't look at the cell phone camera.
  5. No feeling of security
    Your activities can be tracked as you are registering the phone using gmail id for getting updates. If you are not a criminal and not interested to watch or download sex related stories ,images or videos through phone go with this happily.
  6. Keypad
    Little difficult to use by males who have bigger fingers,if the phone is in vertical position.I mean if you hold the phone with the top SAMSUNG label readable you cannot type, otherwise if you can type properly you cannot read the SAMSUNG label. Try the Swype feature before you conclude on the keyboard matter.
Some good apps I have found in the store
  • Google sky map : Interesting app which shows you the position of the stars in the sky. Start the app and hold your phone in the direction of star. It uses the sensors and show you the stars towards that direction.
  • Micro spirit level + compass : App which shows the compass & the spirit level for leveling needs.
  • Laser level : This shows horizontal and vertical lines in the background of your camera capture.So can easily check or fix the position of materials in front of you.
  • Go launcher - Enhances the UI for better usability.
  • Google apps such as Reader,Blogger etc which people will install without any list.
  • Regional apps - Kerala / Malayalam
Samsung Galaxy Y Tips & Tricks
These are some tips which I spent some time to figure out. Just sharing as you may also want these
  • To know the phone information more than what in the settings->about : Dial *#*#INFO#*#* . INFO means the corresponding numeric keys ie 4636
  • Put into silent mode : Long press power button and select the silent mode or reduce the volume to lowest possible.
  • Changing keyboard to or from Swype mode : Long press on the setting button  in normal keyboard  or anywhere in the typing area to get the input method selection window and select either Swype or normal.
  • Setting mp3 as  ring tone. : Just create a folder called "ringtones" in your SD card and copy the mp3 files.Then they start showing in the ring tone selection dialog box.It seems hard coded to the folder :-)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Finding similar sites

When I wrote about eh DIY sites some of my friends asked me how we can find similar sites if we discovered one useful how I could find so many sites like

The answer is simple .There are sites for finding similar sites. Can't believe? Just look at the below sites.

Find out similar sites above using those sites itself :-)

Happy browsing.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative How to Do It Yourself (DIY) sites

Normally after the lunch hours in office people will be in a sleepy mode. Productive things are difficult to come at that time. Last week when we were sitting like that, suddenly a conversation started on a toy car which was seen in my colleagues cabin. It was presented to him as X'Mas gift. It was a car which can go forward if we apply a backward force.

The conversation soon went through so many toys which were used by surrounding people in different ages and finally settled on the pop pop boat and what is the science behind that boat which runs using a candle by producing a top top sound. Then the google started and find a link on how to build a pop pop boat

The building of pop-pop boat was simple. After that the site got my attention.It contains so many hobby projects and interesting things. But there was not enough time as it was office hours. So just googled similar sites like that and got so many .Some are listed below. Hope you will also like these sites.

These sites are commonly known as DIY sites. ie Do It Yourself sites. These sites contains instructions to do things yourself as a hobby project or weekend project.

List of DIY sites