Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative How to Do It Yourself (DIY) sites

Normally after the lunch hours in office people will be in a sleepy mode. Productive things are difficult to come at that time. Last week when we were sitting like that, suddenly a conversation started on a toy car which was seen in my colleagues cabin. It was presented to him as X'Mas gift. It was a car which can go forward if we apply a backward force.

The conversation soon went through so many toys which were used by surrounding people in different ages and finally settled on the pop pop boat and what is the science behind that boat which runs using a candle by producing a top top sound. Then the google started and find a link on how to build a pop pop boat

The building of pop-pop boat was simple. After that the site got my attention.It contains so many hobby projects and interesting things. But there was not enough time as it was office hours. So just googled similar sites like that and got so many .Some are listed below. Hope you will also like these sites.

These sites are commonly known as DIY sites. ie Do It Yourself sites. These sites contains instructions to do things yourself as a hobby project or weekend project.

List of DIY sites