Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to find your processor architecture is x64 or IA64

Today we had a situation in office that a COM component for zip compression is not working in 64 bit server machines. It was working fine in desktop machines .Most of the desktops have 32 bit OS and some are 64bit. When we looked into the issue little deeper, we could see that there are different COM for different processors. In 32bit we need to register one com library file which is not same in 64bit machine. 64 bit file is suffixed with the '64' word. The 64 bit desktops are working fine then why the 64 bit servers are not working.

Little more google brought one more file for 64 bit machine which is nothing but the com lib file suffixed with IA64. Then the direction of work turned to find out the version of processor architecture of server machines. We opened the properties of 'Computer' from start menu,DxDiag etc...But no luck. Finally a google gives the name of the environmental variable "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%". Yes it works.


Executing the above command in command prompt gives us the processor architecture of current machine. Still confusing what is x64 and IA64 ? Just google to get links like this or read wikipedia articles.

If you are interested more on environmental variables see this link.

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