Thursday, December 13, 2012

DYI Magnetic knife holder

I saw magnetic knife holder in one of the English movie which tells the story related to a restaurant and it's kitchen. From then onward I was searching for a good magnetic holder.Not able to find it in stores located at Kochi. Then searched in Indian online shopping sites.I was able to find some but really costly. After that when I got a chance to visit US, I searched the same. Its cheaper comparing with Indian sites. But still costly.

So automatically the search extend to DIY sites. Hope you know what is DIY. Do It Yourself where people share their experience with creating things themselves which costs almost nothing. Got some tutorials there to setup magnetic knife holder but those needs more effort.So decided to explore our kitchen for anything which will help to setup the magnetic holder easily.

Luckily I found our windows which is just made of iron rods. It made the things easy I had to collect some magnets and stick into that window. Sharing some photos. Hope it may help others.